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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Feb 28, 2023

In this episode, we interview Kevin Hallinan, a sales genius with a proven track record of success in various industries. Truly, this guy has done it all.

Kevin shares his insights and strategies for achieving success in sales, including his approach to prospecting, closing deals, and building long-term relationships...

Feb 22, 2023

Get ready for a wild ride on today's *short* episode!

I'm sharing my personal story about the time a valet attendant took my $100k+ truck for a joyride and totaled it, all while I was up in the air on the way to a speaking event.


Wish mastermind groups actually provided some coaching? The Step...

Feb 14, 2023

The man behind The Results Engine podcast is joining me this week - Mike Szczesniak!

We're gonna be talking all about how you can step up your sales game and close more deals with time management, energy management, and genuine authenticity.

Plus, we'll be digging into the juicy difference between forced moves and...

Feb 8, 2023

I'm sitting down with Kyle Slaymaker and we got down to the nitty-gritty of today's (sometimes bullshit) coaching industry.

We cover:

  • The importance of vetting your clients.
  • Being a therapist vs. being a coach.
  • Bogus coaching credentials (or lack thereof).
  • Giving back to your early mentors.

As coaches ourselves,...

Feb 1, 2023

Zach Babcock is an expert at beating the odds.

After spending 5 years in prison, Zach decided to make a dramatic pivot and became the visionary of his own life. He went all-in on his own healing journey and did the grueling inner work required to lead a good life, and run multiple successful businesses. He is now on a...