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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Nov 23, 2022

I'm answering listener questions today! We're tackling CRM leads, virtual assistants (VAs), hiring generalists, and more! 


Wish mastermind groups actually provided some coaching? The Step It Up Academy Mastermind is now open. Apply now: Step It Up Mastermind

There are 3 levels to the mastermind....

Nov 16, 2022

Are you sleeping on social media? Why aren't you showing off what you're doing on social media? This stuff makes me yell at my clients. If you are winning, show it. It builds trust with your social media audience that you aren't full of crap, and it brings attention to your work. 



Replay: Mike Claudio - Taking Action To Take Back Your Time

Nov 9, 2022

How often do you lose track of what you need to get done in a day? It’s a common problem for any business owner - and the fix is easier than you think (if you’re interested in changing the game).

Mike Claudio is a sales and leadership coach, speaker, host of the Big Stud Podcast and WinRate Consulting. Through his...