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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Oct 27, 2022

Brandon Green is the owner of the Car Audio Shop and a good friend. We're working together this week in Salt Lake City. It's always great to see each other and get together this time of the year. 

Brandon and I both spend a lot of time practicing gratitude. It is a real game-changer. When you come from a place of...

Oct 20, 2022

I am answering your listener questions this week. If you have anything you want me to answer, leave them in the reviews on Apple or ask me in my Facebook group (Integrator Talk)

Step It Up Academy Live is THE place where business owners and CEOs learn how to lead with strength, leave a lasting legacy, and achieve...

Oct 12, 2022

Step It Up Academy LIVE - Episode 152

I'm coming to you from a crappy hotel room in Cleveland, Ohio this week to talk a bit about the Step It Up Academy LIVE event, coming to Dallas, Texas November 1st & 2nd. Last call for sales is coming up soon, but we may sell out first. 

Step It Up Academy Live Was Created For...

Oct 6, 2022

My guest today is Kris Whitehead! This episode is from the archives. Kris will be speaking at Step It Academy Live on November 1st & 2nd in Dallas, TX. 

This episode originally aired in 2020. Since that time, so much has changed! What a fun look back. 

Kris Whitehead is now the Founder & CEO of Iconic. He is a...