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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Jun 30, 2021

Times are changing fast - it’s tough to deny that. Will your business be left behind? For as much as tactics and tools come and go, the real secret to staying at the top lies in your mindset, your approach to serving your clients, and your priorities.


Jonathan Lautermilch is the founder of Smart Shark and, along...

Jun 23, 2021

What do you do when you step into a stage of life that you don’t know how to navigate? We’d all love to think that we have everything figured out. But when we eventually realize that’s not the case, the best path forward is creativity, adaptability, and plenty of confidence.


Leandro Thomas is a content creator,...

Jun 16, 2021

How did you build your current mindset? More to the point - did you work at building the mindset you have? Entrepreneurs who want to break out of the average put in the work, create the habits, and gather the knowledge they need to stay focused and stay extraordinary.


Irvin Retiz is the founder of Retiz Electric and...

Jun 9, 2021

How do you consistently show up as a champion in every arena of your life? First, of course, you won’t do it without taking a few hits. But if you can learn to bounce back and keep moving past every roadblock and every doubting voice, you’ll find yourself at the top of whatever mountain you want to conquer.



Jun 2, 2021

Forget the "lone wolf" mentality. The fact is, no one gets very far on their own. You need people who have got your back, who are willing to tell you the truth when things get tough, and who never stop striving to succeed.


The Apex Executive Member tier is the highest offered at Breakfree Academy. More than an...