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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Mar 17, 2021

When was the last time you ran across a fake Internet "guru" posting a bunch of overhyped clichés? It happens to most of us on the daily. But there are driven entrepreneurs out there who devote themselves to creating something more impactful, and to showing others how to do the same.

Through collaboratively developing and manufacturing hundreds of products, Callye Keen saw a massive range of strategies, tactics, successes, and failures firsthand. He packaged this experience into the Red Blue Collective framework. Callye has presented at national events, spoken at universities, and ran successful incubator programs. Clients have built 7-8 figure businesses, raised investment, and sold products around the world.

Callye coaches brilliant misfits to create $50k+ in 90 days of additional revenue without Facebook ads, complex funnels, or questionable tactics. The Collective uses the strategies Callye developed as an advisor to high-growth startups and innovative businesses in order to help entrepreneurs unlock powerful opportunities, deliver valuable products, and multiply their customer audience with less time and investment.

On this episode of the Step It Up Entrepreneur podcast, Tomas and Callye dig into changing the negative mindset in entrepreneurship around money to reflect the fact that money is not the mission (it just makes the mission possible), how Callye helps entrepreneurs build straightforward, scalable businesses and products, and the lifestyle structures that keep Callye firing on all cylinders. Tune in for an interview that will get your mind off of the Internet marketing hype and into a more concrete definition of success.


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why entrepreneurs design and market products backwards, and how to successfully reverse the process
  • How growing up in and around manufacturing led Callye into a career designing, building and marketing physical products (and businesses)
  • What having a routine that works for you will do for your consistency and the success that results from it
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“With marketing, I can be… hiding behind my website or whatever. But I know that people have been burned by that, and I want to show them a better way to build a business that's around creating a real brand that actually resonates with people and serves people and serves their goals, create offers that people want, and then show them how to scale with partnerships."


  • Callye Keen


Connect with Callye:

Red Blue Collective 

End Hype podcast


***Callye is offering listeners of this show a free 45-minute strategy call to talk through product development, manufacturing, or product business growth. Where appropriate, listeners will also get 10% off group coaching.


How To Get Involved:

From his start in the GPS tracking industry to founding the Step It Up Academy, Tomas Keenan is on a mission to break out of the concept of “average” and reach success that is anything but. And he wants you to join him.


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