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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Mar 3, 2021

Who's more likely to succeed: someone with all the resources and zero drive, or someone who has nothing more than some goals, high stakes and a refusal to quit? Despite what the Internet would have you believe, money and connections are not the golden keys to success…

Patrick Bolanos is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of several companies including Trailer King Builders and Working for a Dream Baseball Academy, and he hosts the Working for a Dream Podcast, where he inspires his audience with his wisdom, his story and his insight on hard work and the will to succeed.

On this episode of the Step It Up Entrepreneur podcast, Tomas and Patrick jam on Patrick's background and his start selling food trucks, the origins of Patrick's insane work ethic and love of all things automotive, and his takeaways from the recent mastermind the guys attended. Tune in for an interview that will crush your last excuse for not doing the work.

What You'll Learn:

  • What changed for Patrick and his perspective after he began selling and making money for himself rather than other people
  • How the lowest points and moments of loss can translate into incredible opportunities for growth and progress
  • Why Patrick's reading list looks the way it does, and how he uses books for motivation
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

"I decided, 'You know what? This shit's over. I'm taking over my life.'... At that moment, what you do when you're in that moment is, you begin to become resourceful. Any resources I could tap into, I would try to."


  • Patrick Bolanos


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From his start in the GPS tracking industry to founding the Step It Up Academy, Tomas Keenan is on a mission to break out of the concept of “average” and reach success that is anything but. And he wants you to join him.

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