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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Mar 30, 2022

Being an entrepreneur can sometimes be equated to a cat chasing it’s tail while shitting up the side of the wall of the kitty litter box with no end in sight.  It seems a bit graphic, but if you’ve ever experienced that level of chaos in your life, you’re probably living an entrepreneur’s most loved and feared life.  There are things that have to be done, no matter what. Today, you get to meet an entrepreneur who made his way out of the catbox and into a life by design. 

Josh Meunier is a serial entrepreneur, Sales Manager, and Coach with WinRate Consulting working one on one with sales teams and business owners to find the path of least resistance in business.  He is the founder of Free Space Studio, a design firm that works with architects to create indoor and outdoor spaces for homeowners and business owners to enjoy year around.

Today, Tom and Josh jump right in and discuss a very vulnerable moment Josh had while he was at the gym unable to keep from physically hurling from overworking himself during a fitness routine.  Josh shares how this has helped to keep his mind and body in alignment and equip him with the Level 10 clarity most business owners have to have to survive in today’s economy.  It’s the way he’s dealt with the stresses and pressures of entrepreneurship.  Josh and Tom talk quite a bit about the early days of starting a business, generating sales, and then finally systematizing it to keep up with demand and manage fulfillment.  Josh talks about how his work began years before when he went to Halcyon bar in Dallas to make drawings he’d later convert to 3-D.  A chance meeting allowed him to get in front of many builders and architects that would help transform the course of his life into a thriving business.  You’ll learn that Josh is a consultant who works with many business owners to streamline processes to make their businesses more efficient while creating more time for them to work on the things they truly love. 


What You’ll Learn: 


  • The power of systemization and how it can change your business
  • What Josh was doing with a notepad at Halcyon bar every Friday night in Dallas 
  • How Josh used 3-D to create the answer to a much-needed call
  • Why it’s important to not be afraid of learning the process
  • The moment Josh realized he lost his passion for what he was doing and the next move he made once he realized this
  • The importance of having high standards
  • Employee Training is the key to helping you free up your time and never answer the same question twice, ever again
  • Unlocking employee retention through continuous training  
  • How producing SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) will keep you from having to train every single person in your company 
  • Why Josh pushes himself so hard in the gym
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

Sometimes you’re going to have people that have never even heard of you. They’re so early on in the process that they don’t understand the true value that’s going to come through. Through that social media be that Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever you put out there, that’s where they’re starting to realize like, this guy’s a human being. Their whole team is sharing messages and the value that you’re getting out of this is what’s making you want to join this network.”    

  •  Josh Meunier


Connect with Josh:

Free Space Studio

Josh Meunier 


How To Get Involved:

From his start in the GPS tracking industry to founding the Step It Up Academy, Tomas Keenan is on a mission to break out of the concept of “average” and reach the success that is anything but. And he wants you to join him.

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