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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Mar 16, 2022

Attaining excellence is not an easy process.  You have to be willing to fight the distractions in the natural world and create a certain ecosystem in your life and business that allow you to only focus on what you want to focus on.  This means you can’t be a “part-time” gangster as our guest today so affectionately calls it.  The journey to living a life of excellence is going to require sacrifice, a militaristic discipline, and the drive of a 200,000-ton-earth-mover.  Jeremy Mercer is Vice President of the Mercer Company, CEO of Matador Capital, is a Commercial Real Estate Broker and a true purveyor of practicing abundance by being transparent and teaching his competition how to do what it is he’s doing, freely.  It sounds crazy, but he’s going to drop the magic sauce of how it works to his benefit. 

Tom and Jeremy jump in today’s episode to share a little perspective on where the drive to dominate originates for each one of them. Jeremy talks about some of his tedious daily routines as a collegiate athlete and his approach of treating it like a job due to the level of new competition coming for his spot every single year. Jeremy discusses chasing shiny objects and his thoughts on how to combat everything coming for your focus daily.  Tom lays down hard on core values, the stringent hiring processes he uses to only attract top talent.  Jeremy chimes in on 2 ways you have to look at social media and how to leverage it for your life and business.  He also shares the pivot that made him leave being a commercial real estate broker and become a highly sought-after investor……so sought after, his competition brings him business without him having to ask. Today’s episode is packed full of practical solutions and a dissertation of what it means to live in excellence. 


What You’ll Learn: 


  • Where Jeremy got his drive and ambition 
  • The typical daily schedule for a collegiate athlete
  • The high-performance stakes and the consequence of having to protect your spot at every turn
  • How to combat shiny object syndrome on a daily basis
  • The 2 choices you have on how to use social media
  • Tom breaks down how he manages social media and a full calendar 
  • Jeremy’s thoughts on core values
  • Why living and dying by the calendar is a secret weapon for anyone needing to do more in their life or business
  • How Jeremy scored his first commercial property deal with no money 
  • The pivot that led Jeremy into becoming a commercial broker 
  • What made Jeremy get into brokering industrial buildings and how he leveraged them to sell to private equity companies 
  • Why figuring out how to do something will make you tons of money 
  • The power of core values and how they’re implemented in Jeremy’s company
  • How many square feet of property Jeremy has closed on to date
  • How to get competitors to bring you business and investors to invest 
  • Why Jeremy doesn’t work with everyone and what he says to them instead of the word “no.”
  • The amount of money Jeremy raised for his first commercial investment property
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

“There are no part-time gangsters. Now, when I look at something, I say, “Oh, I can go do this!,” but then I think no, that will make me a part-time in this and part-time in that, so I can’t do that.  I say this is what I’m doing cause I’m a fucking gangster at that. 

Being clear on what you want to do will keep you in your lane.  Time management at that point, it doesn’t matter when you know you’re only working on one main thing.” 

  • Jeremy Mercer 


Connect with James:


Matador Capital 

Mercer Company

How To Get Involved:

From his start in the GPS tracking industry to founding the Step It Up Academy, Tomas Keenan is on a mission to break out of the concept of “average” and reach the success that is anything but. And he wants you to join him.

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