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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Mar 2, 2022

Hard decisions have to be made every single day. Sometimes they have to be made where we remove any personal desires from a specific outcome we want from a situation.  We make personal decisions, business decisions, and decisions that ultimately affect decisions of others. The easy way is always a great option, but true leaders do not take the easy way. It’s never an option.  Today’s podcast is a true picture of how true leaders make impactful decisions in the real world. 

Josh Wilson is Founder and CEO of JW Enterprises, Off-Leash K-9 Training with offices in Virginia, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Texas.  He’s the founder and host of The Big Dog Podcast talking about life and business with people from all walks of life. 

Tom and Josh have been acquainted for the last 2 years in Apex and they jump in like two friends sitting at a bar having a drink as they talk about the importance of making hard decisions, sometimes unpopular ones, and the weight of responsibility that comes with making them. Josh shares a couple of FOMO moments in his life recently, but stuck to his immovable commitment to his clients, his employees, and his executive team by putting them first. Josh and Tom talk about the value of investing in good employees and the disconnect many employers have when they look at the numbers on the P & L. They discuss the hiring process and how they set people up for success inside their organizations by looking closely at their true talents and assigning them to positions accordingly. Tom and Josh talk about the bullshit excuses we all tell ourselves and the importance of mindset and the biggest lie we tell ourselves about having everything we want.  


What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Josh shut the doors on one of his businesses
  • How company culture and looking at the bigger picture of the lives of the people he employs are impacted by his decisions, right, wrong, or indifferent
  • Why you shouldn’t hire people based simply off a P & L
  • What Josh does when he realizes he’s hired someone for one job that truly fits in another position 
  • The power of setting up your team for success and why it’s important to talk to them about finances 
  • Tom shares why he hates working out, but more importantly, why he continues to do it every single day
  • Josh shares what it’s like having teenagers and the stark reality of what he represents to them
  • Why Josh stopped being an early riser recently 
  • The power of delegating responsibilities to the team you employ
  • How Josh came to the realization that he’s only operating at only 40% in his life and why it’s supercharged him recently to make some serious changes
  • Josh shares the value of creating a powerful workplace for his people 
  • ROI and how it’s directly connected to your personal care
  • Tom shares 3 benefits that have come from him investing in himself first and the ripple effect it’s created in his family
  • Why it’s important to have a network that will push you and how hiring people to tell you what to do will save you time and make you more productive 
  • And much more!


Favorite Quote:

“That audit of your personal time and more importantly of the staff you do have, their time, is like where can we maximize?  We’ve shifted people to so many different roles, hired them for one thing and figured out they would thrive somewhere else and do better. It’s a matter of figuring out the right seat.  Just because they’re in the car with you doesn’t mean they’re in the right position.” 

  •  Josh Wilson 


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