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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Feb 2, 2022

The only difference between men and women are the words can or can’t. All the false narratives you hear about sexism are partially true, however, it’s a slap in the face to those who have chosen to set their focus and attention on pursuing a life most only read about on social media.  When you look at the types of professions people choose to work in, we make assumptions based on the fact a person is a male or female.  Today, this perspective is going to be questioned.  Monica Byers, is Founder and CEO of Sugar Creek Transportation, and the founder of the powerful brand Mother Trucker Life.  She has a fleet of 115 Big Rigs blazing the roads of the United States and 90 trailers.  Monica has doubled her fleet from last year and has goals to do the same thing in 2022. 

Today, Tom and Monica get right into the logistics of owning and operating a successful trucking company, the cost of real estate and the increased value of recently purchased real estate, some of the high risks associated with simply transporting goods we use everyday across the U.S. Monica shares about her start in the trucking industry going from knowing absolutely nothing to managing the highly-detailed complexities of a trucking company. Tom and Monica talk about tire kickers  and the endless chase for opportunities to source business for her trucking team. Monica shares why she almost went out of business due to a very competitive market, mechanical challenges that occur that can run up costs, and the never-ending pursuit of finding success in the small details that equate to huge successes.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How much a brand new and used big rig costs as of today
  • The number of miles the average truck has on it when it’s purchased
  • Family dynamics and why Monica is affectionately known as “Sugar Mama”
  • The responsibility that extends beyond the company and the bottom line 
  • Why Monica decided to dive into the trucking industry 
  • Monica shares how she value-stacks her offer to owner-operators and what she says to those who challenge her percentage
  • Tom shares how he decided to open his own car audio business and how long it took  him to crash it
  • One big mistake and lesson Monica learned one Memorial Day when she missed payroll
  • What to do when the government comes and takes all your money from your account and how to insulate yourself from going bankrupt 
  • Monica’s winning perspective that keeps her tough through challenging times 
  • Why Monica puts back 50% of her money back when she gets paid
  • One of the best lessons Monica recently learned from an Uber driver
  • What the Dream Manager is and how to unlock the law of reciprocity
  • Tom and Monica talk about their experiences with #75 Hard Challenge and how Monica fights the temptation from drinking at bars during the challenge
  • Monica shares some of her goals she has for 2022 including buying another truck yard, owning an apartment complex, and growing her Mother Trucker Life Brand
  • What Mother Trucker is and who it serves
  • How Monica is transforming the Trucking Industry for smaller carriers and owners
  • And much more!

Favorite Quote:

 "If every single one of my truck's motors blew tomorrow, I'd be fucked. So you have to look at the most expensive thing that could cost you and you have to have that in the bank. And that way, when it does, it's like, ah shit, back to doing business."

 -Monica Byers 

Connect with Monica:



Sugar Creek Transportation

Mother Trucker Life  


How To Get Involved:

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