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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Dec 8, 2021

Opportunities are everywhere if you simply know where to look.  So, what happens when you find all these opportunities? Do you feel a sense of entitlement? Superiority? Or do you shut the f#ck up and do the work? 

Today’s guest is allergic to slackers and underachievers. Drewbie Wilson is the Vice President of Break Free Academy, host of the Crushing the Day Before it Crushes You, a best-selling author of a book with the same title.  He’s also host of “The Apex Spotlight  For fun, he likes to help people close business and creates courses to help the masses.  

Tom and Drewbie take a deep dive outlining everything from modern-day culture, applying the rules of old that still work to this day.  Drewbie gives you the game of everything he’s doing and what works.  They’ll discuss why it’s important to constantly coach with someone at a higher level than yourself, the power of assessments and how they’re used to build a team. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • The transition in the American society set to start in the Fall of 2022
  • Why having core values is important
  • The power of having a mentor or coach who has been where you want to be
  • How Drewbie was able to take resistance and use it to motivate his team and getting them up and producing successfully
  • Why being resourceful is one of the most important things you can do 
  • Managing transitions in life and business while being grateful and a stellar leader 
  • How to scale and grow your team and your business by using a simple process
  • 3 qualities it takes to be a stellar leader 
  • Why continuing education is powerful enough to change the trajectory of your life 
  • What value systems are
  • What happens when you write your first book 
  • And much more!  

Favorite Quote: 

“I’m a simple man. Less decisions make my life easy.  Black shirt, jeans, and a hat and I see people that will look at me and judge me. I went to buy a couch last year and I’m wheeling and dealing with this guy, and he offered me a zero percent credit card for 18 months.  I thought, “that’s free money.”  I asked him what it would take to get started and he gave me an application.  I filled it out and lined out my monthly income and he came back saying, “No, no.  It needs your monthly income, not annual income. "I told him that WAS my monthly income.  His demeanor changed when he realized I was not a broke boy.”

  • Drewbie Wilson  





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