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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Nov 17, 2021

You know that guy who sits in the back of the room listening, blending in, very unassuming, who breaks the glass around your world when he speaks?  He’s the person that has a line of people with questions after he asks a question or presents.  He’s down to earth and doesn’t waste words talking about the weather.  

Brandon Brittingham is “that guy.” He’s the Founder and CEO of the Maryland and Delaware Group of Long and Foster.  Brandon heads the #1 team for the most sold homes in Maryland. He’s a monster of an investor, executive business coach, and slays the stage during speaking engagements. 

Today, Tom and Brandon pull back the curtain on how to enhance the quality of your existence by collapsing time to achieve magnificent things professionally and personally.  They get vulnerable and share real-life experiences that tested them along the way.  If you’re hungry for knowing where to start to organize your business and life, Tom and Brandon give you the game in this episode covering visualization, mission statements, core values, their importance, systems, processes, hiring and how to implement them rapidly. They’ll share the game-changing advice they got by simply reading books and implementing them. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • The difference between a visionary and integrator 
  • How many core values you should have in your company (There’s an exact number) 
  • Creating a company culture where the team manages itself in alignment with core values
  • Why Brandon meets with his team daily  
  • Little known facts about Coach Bill Belichick and his winning mindset 
  • The new currency in today’s economy and why it’s important to you for a sustainable future
  • Burning out will teach you some powerful lessons 
  • Law of attraction and how to make it work for you
  • Knowing the best time to create the “next” business while operating your current one
  • And much more!  

Favorite Quote: 

 “Get in the right room and when you get in the right room, maximize that potential. When I come here, sometimes it might annoy people, but I will ask every fucking question because I want to get better. I’m inquisitive.  I’m not going to ask you the question to ask you the questions, but I’m going to ask you the question because I’m going to go fucking implement.”


  • Brandon Brittingham



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From his start in the GPS tracking industry to founding the Step It Up Academy, Tomas Keenan is on a mission to break out of the concept of “average” and reach the success that is anything but. And he wants you to join him.


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