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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Nov 10, 2021

Last year on the show we had a group of irreverent, yet big-hearted gentlemen join together and form what is now known as The Goon Squad.

Like Marvel characters, they’ve banded together over the last year from various industries. Each one of them has written a book and has a podcast.  They’ve changed thousands of lives through a ripple effect that can’t be explained by science, but can be summed up in one simple phrase: They did the important work. 

This cast of real-life superheroes include: 

  • Kris Whitehead, Founder of New England Custom Remodeling, Author, Speaker, Podcast Host, Head Executive Coach 
  • Brian McKittrick, Founder of Insurance of Texas, Best Selling Author of “It Ain’t Rocket Surgery.” 
  • Marc Zalmanoff, Founder of Marc Z Fitness, Best Selling Author of “Make Good Choices.” 
  • Drewbie Wilson, VP of Break Free Academy, and Meme Lord, best selling author of “Crush the Day Before it Crushes You” and speaker  
  • Mike Claudio, Founder of Win Rate Consulting, and A Champion’s Shoes, Youtuber, Podcaster, Best Selling Author
  • Tom Keenan, COO of Break Free Academy, Apex Executive Coach, Best Selling Author of “Unfuck Your Business,” and Founder of Step It Up Academy

 In this episode, the Supersonic 6 known as “The Goon Squad” reflect back on how everything got started, as they share some of the challenges they encountered over the last year and how they rose up to power through with the help of each member of the squad.  As a collective, they’ve hosted hundreds of shows, spoken at hundreds of events, dominated in growing their companies, brands, and ultimately changed 1000s of lives by simply showing up, doing the work, and caring enough to make a difference while expecting nothing in return.  This is a powerful episode. 

What You'll Learn: 

  • Why vulnerability helped transform the trajectory of their lives from yesterday to today 
  • The titles of their number one best selling books 
  • Lessons they learned along the way and how they used the wisdom to change lives with a compound effect
  • How long and how much hard work has to be put in to fly in a private jet for a 3 hour flight
  • What happens when you go deep into conversation and what has to occur in order to maintain the highest level of discipline, commitment, and integrity
  • Why they still have fear 
  • They break down the power of what happens when you get with the right people, hold each other accountable and do the fucking work! 
  • The reality of how long it takes to dominate on social media by taking massive action
  • And much more!  

Favorite Quote: 

“Stop laughing at what you think we’re doing and start taking your own fucking action.  None of us was invited into this group. We earned it by living by what we talked about earlier. And if you’re not where you want to be, I highly suggest you take some fucking action about it.  Because each one of us will be 100 X more successful in our lives if we stopped having this conversation right now. 

The investment we’ve already cultivated, the seeds we’ve planted, the confidence, and the vision and potential that has already been lit for us, we can’t undo at this point.  We can’t stop it. 

If I didn’t see any of you or talk to any of you for 5 years, I'd still be a better father, better leader, better husband, a better coach, a better communicator. I’ve done more in 2 years than I would’ve which has projected a completely different future.  

All it took was showing up, being authentic, being vulnerable, being myself, and being okay with it.” 


  • Mike Claudio 



How To Get Involved:


From his start in the GPS tracking industry to founding the Step It Up Academy, Tomas Keenan is on a mission to break out of the concept of “average” and reach the success that is anything but. And he wants you to join him.


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