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Step It Up Entrepreneur

Nov 3, 2021

Just because you’re from a family business doesn’t mean you’ve had it easy.  Today’s guests are from the same family with very different backgrounds, and it’s the perfect pairing for creating a successful legacy. 

Eric Gonzalez is President of Top Crew Labor pairing roofing crews to some of the top roofing jobs across the United States.  Daniel Davila operates in Regions Commercial Roofing, Inc.  Both of these gentlemen have been building upon a 3rd generation family business for the last 6 years and they’re lightyears ahead of most people in any age group. 

In this episode, Tom and  Eric, and Daniel discuss the early years of business, the importance of creating core values, books that have influenced them coming up, the Live Hard Program, the power of Daily GCODE, and the lessons learned along the way, and the climb to the pinnacle of life, dreaming bigger and bigger every step of the way. They’ll share a little about how to scale a business in a few simple steps and Eric and Daniel will share what it means to take an existing family-owned business and the amount of work necessary to build it into a culture that only attract the best of the best. 


What You'll Learn: 

  • The dream Daniel had to give up on and the conclusion he came to within his family
  • Driving forces behind Eric’s passion to carry on the family business and expand it at the same time 
  • One shared common goal both Eric and Daniel have for 2022
  • Why core values is the most important thing you can have when building a company culture
  • Daniel shares what he had to learn in order to put himself in the unique position he’s in at a very young age
  • Challenges they have with hiring and scaling their businesses
  • How gratitude has allowed them to thrive at such a pivotal point in life 
  • Their favorite books that have changed the way they approach life and business
  • And much more!  

Favorite Quotes: 

“I found myself being forced by my dad to go with him because obviously he wanted to teach me to be somebody of good and hardworking. Eventually, it clicked with me that if I have to be out here in the field and see the construction process, I may as well make something of it.”


  • Eric Gonzalez


“It’s been kinda hard for us to find that person who is going to align with us because you have a lot of slack and partying, and they’re not focused on what they want.”


  • Daniel Davila 


Connect with John: 

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Regions Commercial Roofing 

Top Crew Labor


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